My first canoe experience

By Thomas

Yesterday I went to sasamat lake and did some canoeing. Our friend James took me and my Mum to Sasamat Lake. My Mum ran around the lake and I was in the canoe on the shallow part of the lake near the beach. James is an expert in canoeing and he told me what I should do.

The canoe was the smallest one James had and it was the right size for me. I had to wear a life-jacket, my swimming trunks and a united training t-shirt. To begin with I had to get used to paddling with one paddle. I got myself stuck out near the deep part of the lake, where I was not supposed to go. But I managed to get myself back again – phew!

I paddled in straight lines and it was really fun and I went in circles sometimes and I paddled backwards. I also stood up in the boat and paddled standing up, this was really scary but fun! I did a bit of swimming, but it was very cold!

I had to get changed into dry clothes, but there was no changing rooms around. So what I did was wear a magic towel and got changed in there. The magic towel was a fabric, which was like a tent with a hole for my head, so I could stand in it and get changed without everyone seeing me. I definitely want to go again and will report back on my next time.

Stay lucky rubber ducky!

Signed by ten four rubber ducky!


4 thoughts on “My first canoe experience

  1. Hi Thomas, this is matthew from charlesworth, you sound like you are having a good time. I am in Texas at the moment we are going to California tomorrow. You are very lucky I would like to live in America, from matthew


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