Diary of climbing first peak Squamish Chief

By Thomas

Getting there

Our friend James took us to first peak Squamish Chief (we went in a Subaru). We went up through the mountain. The mountain was very steep and I had to stop every five minutes. I saw some really nice wildlife, like very tall trees and very tall branches. It was very busy, because it is one of the most popular hikes in British Columbia.

The last bit was really fun, because we got to go up ladders and chains. We had to use these so we did not slip, because it was very steep and the ground was smooth granite stone. When I got to the top it was very sunny and I went to look near the edge and saw some logs floating along the river. When I was up there I saw a little chipmunk and small little birds, that I have never seen before.

I was talking to someone who was very kind. I asked him ‘Are you very hot?’, because he had on under leggings, a jacket, a back pack, a woolly hat and thick socks and boots on. He said ‘Of course I am, I’m boiling and very sweaty!’. He asked me where I was from and also said he was impressed I was climbing so well.

Coming down we went to Shannon Falls and we really, really had some fun there. It was fun there because I went into the middle of the river, stepping on stones, and I did not get wet.  The waterfall was very tall and it looked like the water was just dropping from the sky.

Shannon Falls, looks like the water falls from the sky

And by the way Squamish Chief destroyed my boots that I have only had for a couple of months.

Language Update

Chips = fries

Crisps = chips

Motorways = highways

Junction = exit

Primary school = elementary school

Football = soccer

Ice hockey = hockey


Ribfest Time!

Ribfest is where lots of people went to Port Moody park and there were people there with lots of ribs you could eat. They showed off their trophies and Boss Hog was the best! But they did not know what vegetables were. I played football and danced to some songs.

Stay lucky rubber ducky!

Signed by Ten four rubber ducky


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