First Experiences in Canada

By Thomas

In Canada people speak english, but some of the words they use are different. Here is some I have learned:


Pavement = sidewalk

Sweets = candy

Trousers = pants

Pants = underpants

Rubbish = Garbage

Fun Facts

A skyTrain  has no driver

No driver on the sky train – but I stepped in to help out!

Canadians do not say ‘mobile phone’ they say ‘cell phone’

What I have done

On my first morning I went to Port Moody with my Dad and we went to a place we visited before, called Rocky Point park where I had a chocolate milkshake. After that we had a ride on the sky train and then I played on the Wii to help me get over my jetlag. I now have a special card that I can use to go on the sky train:


I have also drawn a picture of the train too:


My favourite thing so far was going out for a walk around Sasmat lake. I made up a Mario cart game, which we played on the way round.

I’m looking forward to going back to Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to going whale watching and doing some fishing.

Next time I will be talking about my time on Vancouver Island!

Stay lucky rubber ducky!



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