The ‘so long for now’ party

By Emma

There are so many reasons to have a party, and packing up and heading off for a year is definitely on the list! So last weekend saw a small get together of many of our friends, who were keen to wish us luck and wave us off!

It was amazing to see so many people from different aspects of our life come together in one place. The beautiful weather certainly helped, and I am sure the offer of food, entertainment for the kids and availability of the bar was also a contributing factor!

We received some lovely messages of support and it is clear that everyone is agreed that Canada is a great place.  It is funny how our impending departure has encouraged us to:

  • bring people together more;
  • keep in touch with those we do not speak to as often as we should
  • appreciate what and who is around us everyday more.

Tom’s friends probably made up the majority of the gathered throng and certainly made the most of the noise for quite a prolonged period of time.  It seems as though the bouncy castle and the food were a hit – as was the availability of a fence to climb on and the ditch to play in!  It always amazes me how children find great entertainment in seemingly small things, may be a lesson for us all in later life!

The gifts Tom received were really thoughtful and much appreciated.  Our amazing cake (courtesy of Jenny) was also amazing! Thank you!


Tom did try his best to ensure some parts of him are left behind, with several injuries resulting from trips, falls, skids and running into solid objects which all pretty much resulted in some amount of blood spilling.  I would have expected that from the adults later in the evening, but they all seemed quite well behaved!

May be the drinks did have some effects on the conversations had, as we seem to have promised to bring a baby bear home with us to act as mascot for the rugby team! Inspiration for the proposed plan comes from coach James’ family legend of an uncle who, in the second world war, smuggled pigs disguised as babies around the country. Although now I write this: i) I’m not sure why he needed to smuggle the pigs; and ii) I’m thinking a bear cub is going to be harder to carry and kind of needs to be alive for the role of mascot! Anyway – I am sure we will come up with some cunning plan!

So now the party is done and we have said ‘until next time’ to quite a few people, the start of serious packing is upon us.  Do you know how much your clothes weigh? This is something we will be learning this week!


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