An introduction

A short introduction to us and the ideas behind this blog

By Emma

Hello and welcome to our little blog, which will hopefully grow to contain some interesting stories of our year away in Canada.

We are a family of three: James, Emma and Thomas, and we are moving to Vancouver as I am completing a year long research secondment at a university there. James and I have lived abroad previously, myself in a couple of places in the USA which was work related and James having taken time out to travel when he was younger.  We have both enjoyed the adventures such experiences have provided.  It has however been a long time since we have embarked on such a big change and we have never made such a big change with Thomas in tow. So this time round there are additional elements to consider!

We are setting up this blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. Thomas would like a way of letting his friends know about his adventures, so he can keep in touch and also to provide him with a record of the things he has enjoyed (or not!) during his time away;
  2. James and myself, also see this as a way of keeping a record of our activities – the highs and lows. We would like to share with whoever is interested in reading about what we get up to and our personal view of differences between Canadian and UK life at this time.

So the blog posts here will mainly focus on our social time, travel adventures and practicalities of leaving the UK and setting up family life in a new country.

We are new to this blogging world – so there is no promise of how good, interesting or otherwise the posts will be!  However, if you are interested keep an eye out for new posts over the coming weeks!


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